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Three tips on how to do a Fashion shoot!

Even though I studied fashion, I wasn't exactly the most talented photographer. I enjoyed taking photos for my Instagram but they were pretty basic. After weeks of studying and workshops learning how to take successful photographs in the studio and location, I learned how to do a photoshoot successfully.

Here's my top three tips on how to take successful photoshoots.

Tip one - Research

So, my first tip is to make sure you research! Research EVERYTHING! Make sure you know what kind of style you want or what your client wants. I suggest even looking at different photographers and creative directors and see what kind of style they have and if they could inspire you.

The style you want to create is a MAJOR part of you photoshoots, these kind of styles will determine what kind of poses your models will need to do and if you don't have any direction or guidance for your models then you will seem unprofessional and it will take twice as long to get successful shoots.

Tip two - Equipment

Equipment is key! Make sure you have absolutely everything. All depends where you're taking the shoots, there are some things you may not need.

Lighting is very important, especially in a studio. Depending on where you're taking photos at a location and the time of day, lighting may or may not be necessary. Lighting is required when taking product shoots as they will help show every detail of the products and will make them look high quality. A reflector is also helpful as this can brighten an image and take away any unnecessary shadows.

Tip three - Teamwork.

I cannot stress enough how important teamwork is. Making sure you have the right people to help you with your shoot and do different jobs. Photoshoots aren't a one-man band. You will need to give people different job roles, working together to create a successful project. Most photoshoots I have been involved with, I've had many different jobs roles but my favourite is to be the creative director which involves giving guidance to the people involved. When being in charge of this, I would guide the models by showing them what they need to do, I would work with the photographer and guide them on what kind of images to take.

There are many elements as to what kind of job role you would have at a photoshoot. Being a team and helping each other is key, this will create an effective shoot and won't take as long if you ensure you keep talking to each other and guiding one another.



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