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Exclusive interview of the ins and outs of Platfform Athluxe.

Read our exclusive interview of the ins and outs of Platfform Athluxe with Charlotte Hughes!

Photograph: Platfform Athluxe.

About Platfform Athluxe.

“Platfform Athluxe is a pop up store coming to Cardiff’s Capitol Centre, embracing chic and unapologetic luxe sportswear. We believe in authenticity and expressing individuality, all our garments are exclusive and one of a kind. Whether it’s a statement slogan jumper, or some branded track pants, your guaranteed to find a piece that fits your unique style whatever that may be. We want to encourage people to come and try something different and for you to be your bravest self.”

So, what’s the story behind Athluxe? Where did the name come from?

“The story behind Athluxe came after we had decided on our initial concept and the theme that we were aiming to go for, we wanted our store to stand out to previous years and to really feel like our own brand. We had decided on the streetwear trend but after a

brainstorm of taglines we started looking on WGSN and one of their trend boards was

named AthLuxers and we just found that we all really liked the sound of it and gave us an

edge of the sportswear trend that we hadn’t already seen on the high street already.”

Where did you draw inspiration for this debut collection? What did you want it to say? Did you look to any fashion icons?

“So, we normally look to WGSN for inspiration of forthcoming trends and with a common

street trend being sportswear that is normally being worn on our target consumer of a

students who want to be comfy day to day but still have an edge and be on trend. To make the sportswear trend our own we wanted to add a luxury element which is where the luxe came into play, and gives the sportswear trend something more and can be dressed up with heels instead of just wearing trainers. We looked at inspiration from fashion icons such as Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin who constantly look cool and effortless but still so stylish.”

What was the selection process like for the brands you guys are showcasing? How did you arrive at the brands you’ve chosen and why?

“After visiting our supplier VWS clothing we were able to understand what would be

available to us, and what we had to work with. This is where we started to put outfits

together with realising that it would be a struggle to source some of the preferred items.

We’ve tried to incorporate the big sportswear brands such as Champion and Adidas with

unbranded pieces which are used as layering pieces to let one individual brand stand out in the outfit.”

What’s the colours story behind the collection?

“To give a clean and strong colour aesthetics we decided to focus on primary colours, this meant that the products would have a strong contrast when layered with other pieces. We wanted the space to feel quite minimalistic and let the clothes stand out and do the talking, with the bright colours being what sets you apart from the crowd.”

What are you anticipating to be the most popular pieces? Why’s that?

“The collection has been picked very carefully with each product being handpicked by the buyers to really capture the brand in each piece. At the moment with the transition between spring to summer we think that popper trousers and thin lightweight tracksuit bottoms will be popular, they’re versatile and comfy while still being able to be dressed up with heeled boots for a night out or just worn with trainers for an easy everyday look.”

So, tell us more about the Athluxe girl (or guy!) – What kind of lifestyle do they lead?

“So, our Athluxe girl is someone who wants to dress for themselves regardless of what

current trends may be, they’ll dress to what they feel most comfortable in that will give them the confidence to be who they want to be. The Athluxe girl is someone who lives in Cardiff and really enjoys making the most of what the city has to offer by always going to new cafes that have recently opened or by visiting bars to listen to local music artists.”

Be Your Bravest Self – tell us more about that. What’s the message and feeling behind the statement?

“Be Your Bravest Self is our way of encouraging people to set themselves apart from the

crowd to try something new and different, but to do it for yourself regardless of what other people may think about you. We wanted to encourage people to explore a unique sense of style to themselves which links to the fact that all our pieces in the collection will be one of a kind, so the importance of trying something new is there.”

Everyone is anticipating this launch! Can you give us a sneak preview at what to expect?

“The launch is going to be very exciting with collaborating with local artists to be able to

have live music in the store, we want the launch to be exciting but a relaxed shopping

environment where customers can look and try on the pieces that we have while socialising and enjoying the opening with everyone.”

Pop-up shop launch: May 3rd 2018

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