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Final Major Project

As part of my Final Major Project, I created my own brand called Calart Clothing. The brand was all about raising awareness for heart disease. I produced six t-shirts, all of which were inspired by different conditions using their signs and symptoms to raise awareness of this. After thorough research and discussions with a Cardiology nurse at Bristol Royal Infirmary, I was able to finalise the designs. The name Calart came from a combination of calon (CAL) and heart (ART) – Calon means heart in Welsh.


As part of the brief, I had produced a website, guerrilla marketing mock up, a range of social media platforms and hosted a launch event for the brand. Through social media, I was contacted by Huw Fash who is a presenter on the Welsh television programme ‘Prynhawn Da’ on S4C. Through this discussion, my launch event for my brand was promoted on TV.


At the launch event, I used my Visual Merchandising skills and displayed my designs using a disruptive display theme. A disruptive display is usually a warehouse look and out of place which is what I wanted to show as a heart condition can seem like things are out of place. At the event, guests were able to try on t-shirts and have their photos taken at the photo booth, put glitter on at the glitter station, have a read at the leaflets about heart disease. The guest took part in a raffle which raised £150 for the charity ‘Above and Beyond’ which donated the money to the Cardiac Ward at Bristol Royal Infirmary.


Throughout the module, I worked with many different people. I worked with students from USW such as photography and illustration. I also worked with a music student from Cardiff University and a self-employed videographer.


Scroll down to view the work produced during the module. 

Link to Calart Clothing website -

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