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Fashion photography & styling

As part of my studies, photography and styling have played a major part.  I really enjoyed the photography module in second year as I created a photoshoot based on the style of Alice Archer. For the shoot, I had to style different range of outfits to represent her brand. This was represented well as I used different textures and patterns that Alice Archer would use. For this I also had to experiment with hairstyles and make up styles before the shoot with my model to ensure everything was suitable enough.


For second year, we had to work as a team in our moving image and fashion communication module and produce a 10 second commercial blipvert, 2-minute brand advert and a 30 second commercial advert. As a group, we decided to produce commercial ads based on the brand Monki. One of the roles I had for this module was to style the look of our model for the 2-minute brand advert.


As part of our Entrepreneur module in third year we had to work as a group to launch our own business idea. Together, we decided to create a live window display using real life models in windows to show the clothes off. We would start a contract with different stores and do one display each season. One of my roles was to be the stylist which I produced a mock-up of different styles that could be placed in the shop window for Topshop. Alongside of this, I also created a mock-up of the window display too.


For my Final Major Project, I was the creative director of the photoshoots. I worked alongside Alina Hibbert for the photography shoot in the studio and location shoots. I styled the models to create an effective look as a guide for how they can style the t-shirts, whether it was for everyday wear or going out. Due to time clash, I did a photoshoot on location with my model showing different styles/ways to dress the t-shirts for different occasions.  (as shown below).


Scroll down for examples of my work.


Link to Calart Clothing website -

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